The e-group is a group e-mail address that is used to communicate to all club members who are subscribed. There are a variety of uses for this forum such as:

  • To invite others to join you on a last-minute day trip (ski, hike, bike ride, etc.) that was not announced at the previous meeting or posted on the Rovers website. Overnight trips may be sent to the e-group after the trip has been submitted for posting on the Rovers website.
  • To get a feel for what kind of interest there might be for a trip you are considering coordinating.
  • To alert members of an important event, issue (non-political), or change in plans or procedures.
  • To post a trip report of a trip you recently coordinated or attended.
  • To post a message to generate interest in certain activities or locations.

Subscription to the e-group is available to Minnesota Rovers club members only. Only current club members will be able to post messages and receive messages via email.


  • Please use the e-group responsibly. Absolutely NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING for personal gain.
  • Please always sign your name at the end of your post. Anonymous posts are not welcome.
  • When replying to a message you receive via the e-group, first ask yourself, “Do 300+ people want to receive my reply or just the person who posted this message?” Using the REPLY button will send your reply to the person who posted the message only. Please use the REPLY TO ALL button responsibly!
  • All posted messages reflect the opinion of the sender — not the views of the club. To keep this a positive environment, we request that all participants express their opinions in a positive, constructive manner.
  • Minnesota Rovers Outdoors Club reserves the right to ban or restrict subscribers of this e-group.
  • Minnesota Rovers members should not publicly post participants’ personally identifiable information (email address, phone number, etc.).

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